Language, tradition and customs

Traditions are handed down in the Ladin valleys

The hard and modest life of the South Tyrolean valleys of the Dolomites and the difficult conditions for agriculture of mountain farmers have shaped the culture and traditions of the Ladins. These roots are still found today in the love for nature, craftsmanship and good regional cuisine. The Ladin language is spoken in Val Badia and in Val Gardena and is recognized as one of the three official languages of South Tyrol.

Museum Ladin “Ursus Ladinicus”

Spotlights on the Ladin cave bear

Incredible but true: 40,000 years ago caves lions and cave bears of the species Ursus Ladinicus lived in the Ladin valleys. The Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus in San Cassiano in Val Badia speaks of the prehistoric bear and the legends that cover the Dolomites. It is possible to observe the incredible bones found in the Caverna delle Conturines, in the Dolomites of Alta Badia, at 2,800 m above sea level in 1987.

Museum Ladin “Ciastel de Tor”

The history of the Dolomites Ladins at a glance

In the Ciastel de Tor, the Thurn Castle in St. Martin in Val Badia, is where the evidence of the ancient culture, language and identity of the Ladin people is kept. Even the medieval building from 1230 with its residential tower is absolutely worth seeing. If you take your time, you can immerse yourself in the history of the Ladins in the castle, get to know their language and customs and let old legends carry them away.

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